In earlier days, torque wrenches were considered to be a luxury, particularly in the workshops where bike repairs were done. However, with aggressive advancement of mechanical technology, nowadays even for any minor maintenance and repair works, many different kinds of torque tools are used.

Type of fasteners that are used in current days are stiffer, lighter and sometimes quite stronger too. Most of these fasteners are usually of very expensive materials and at the same time they are quite delicate too. These fasteners are specially used for performing certain important engineering function. Also, nowadays there are lots of demand for efficient use of materials in most of the production environment so that wastage of materials can be avoided in order to minimise the production cost and increase the profitability of any manufacturing industry.

Earlier, you could see damaged nuts and bolts scattered around in the shop floor, which is not the case these days where competition among the industries is very high. In olden days, we had a limitation of technology and therefore we had to live in that kind of situation. However, as the technology progressed we could see the precision level of torque wrenches where not only we could apply the necessary torque but also set the limit of torque and also we can digitally read and store in the memory.

In case, we need to analyse the data related to torque for different kinds of fasteners, we can transfer various torque related data to computers and are able to do deeper analysis about various torque levels for different kinds of fasteners.

Automobile industries need to constantly upgrade the quality of their vehicles and therefore they are always looking for various higher end torque wrenches and tools not only during their manufacturing process but also during servicing of their vehicles.

Torque wrenches are generally used manually for most of the applications but nowadays there are requirement of automatic wrenches too. You can find electric driven torque tools where no manual force is necessary to produce the necessary torque. Hydraulic power is also used in many heavy-duty applications.

There are many industries where automation has become a part of the necessity in order to increase productivity and quality of the product and also to reduce the cost. Therefore, in such situation you will need automatic torque tools to meet the requirements.