Solvents can be extracted from solid substances easily with the help of a closed loop extractor kit. It is an advanced and safe system to create cannabis concentrates including live resin, crumble, shatter and isolates. The extraction process is highly efficient. The solvent is used and recycled within the extractor, making this process economical and environment friendly. The whole process is completed within the closed vessel in one pass. Due to repeated recycling within the system, maximum cannabinoid can be extracted. This efficient system is safe and easy to use.

Less solvent is needed in this extraction process because of the high efficiency of this device. Maximum amount of required chemical compound is separated. The device complies with various standards and ratings. It helps complete the process quickly. Larger solvent tanks can be used for faster extraction. A large tank is also useful in maintaining better control over the contact temperature, solvent polarity, contact pressure and contact time.