There are places where you do not want to make it obvious you are smoking. While cannabis has been legalized in some states, it is still outlawed in other states. It is better to smoke discreetly at places where smoking is looked down upon by the local people, residents or people present there. Use a discreet pipe to get your puffs. You will find discreet and stealth pipes in a variety of designs and styles. These stylish pieces conceal your smoking and allow you to smoke without inviting the attention of others.

These pipes do not look like usual smoking pipes. They are disguised in the form of a flashlight, pen, cigarette, bracelet or other everyday item. The small device fits nicely in the pocket. It looks same as other products in its category but internally it has all the mechanisms and features for smoking the herb. Use this nifty tool to avoid troubling others who do not like a smoking person nearby.