Eyelash extensions have the power of changing your beauty game completely. Wearing the extensions helps lengthen and add volume to your natural eyelashes, making you look younger and more glamorous. However, to stay comfortable while wearing extensions, you must use a gentle eyelash extension cleaner regularly to maintain proper lash hygiene. To know more, read the guide below.

#1: Better Comfort

Oil tends to break down eyelash adhesive. So, whether the oil is from your skincare products or is naturally produced by your skin, removing the oil off from your lash extensions with a cleaner can prevent the extension from falling off repeatedly, helping you stay comfortable.

#2: Maintain Lash health

If eyelashes are dirty, they become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Bacterial growth can cause your oil glands along the lash line to get inflamed and cause lash loss. To avoid this common eye disorder – Blepharitis, using a mild foam lash cleaner regularly is imperative.

#3: Makes Lash Extensions Last Longer

Using a gentle foaming lash extension cleaner can effectively help remove the build-up of oil; dead skin and other debris from the lashes, helping them last longer.

For best result, always choose an eyelash extension cleaner that is pH balanced for extension and does not contain oil, glycols, or alcohol.