A TRX wall mount is a perfect training accessory. This discrete mount can be installed almost anywhere. Made of high quality steel, it is rugged and durable. Its installation is easy and can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills. It can be attached to the walls, overhead beams and studs. Its X-mount model creates a solid and strong anchoring point for different types of TRX training products. The mount measures only 4.5″ in diameter. This product comes with two 3/8 x 3 inches bolts. All TRX suspension trainer systems are supported by it.

Make sure the wall, beam or stud you attach it to is structurally strong and can withstand the pulls, pressure and stress of your suspension training. Use this simple tool to turn any room into a training area or gym. The company also offers different types of functional training devices to help you achieve the best of your fitness and health. Use its workout programs, training equipment and educational courses. You are sure to achieve your health and fitness goals.